Reign of Guilds targets early access launch in early 2024 and an open playtest in mid-December


Reign of Guilds developer Atlant Games is proudly declaring that it’s in the final stretch of its current development cycle as the PvP sandbox has tied down the first quarter of 2024 for its early access launch. Before then, the studio will be holding an open playtest for sometime in mid-December in order to let players “evaluate the game in its earliest stages of development and share [their] feedback and suggestions.”

On the subject of the current build, the rest of the post outlines updates that have been applied since last month’s playtest, including adjustments to XP earnings that scale based on mob difficulty and level disparity, tweaks to enchanting and repairing items, a small bundle of bug fixes, and death consequences for PvE that are the same as PvP along with updates to what drops upon death that take into account character karma.

For those who don’t recall, Reign of Guilds is an open PvP sandbox MMORPG we first highlighted in 2019 that’s focused around guilds capturing and holding territory. The game has primarily been holding several playtests all throughout this year, leading up to this newly announced early access launch window.

source: Steam
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