Sandbox MMORPG Reign of Guilds reels back its early access feature set and holds Steam playtests


Ideally, a game in a form of open testing/open access adjusts its plans as necessary, and that appears to be the case for Reign of Guilds, a sandbox MMORPG focused on guilds controlling castles and counties that we first reported on in 2019.

An update post from last December notes that some features from the early access build had to be cut in order to make it available “as soon as possible,” but it also goes on to list other things that the early release will have like buyable real estate, a system that lets players hold territory as a count, and castle capturing. The early access build will also feature four counties and a new island that continues the tutorial.

Looking through the MMORPG’s other news posts, we find that Reign of Guilds has held two different playtests – one in January and one in February – with the devs digesting feedback and reporting results from the first test. Other updates of note include a focus on polish starting last July, the growing of the game’s staff, and a lifting of its NDA last February.

As of right now, Reign of Guilds still hasn’t tied down any date for its early access release, as its roadmap doesn’t tie down any launch windows. Still, it does appear that development is moving apace.

source: Steam
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