NosTale brings a new zone, new story, and stronger fairies in upcoming Secrets of the Undercity update


Gameforge has decided that the anime MMO NosTale should get some time in the update spotlight, as a treat. The publisher has announced Act 9: Secrets of the Undercity, which will bring a new area, some new story content, and some other new features in what is being heralded as the game’s biggest update of the year.

As the update’s title and subtitle suggest, this patch adds a new act to the game’s storyline that ties into a new underground zone found beneath the NosVille Meadows where a race of frog-like beings known as Mullan reside. Players will have to investigate an attack and kidnapping of miners that will take them to this new area, which features new locations including the titular Undercity and two new raids.

On top of the new area and its encounters, players can look forward to new equipment for every class including weapons, armor, and jewelry items; some incoming winter events; and enhancements to the MMO’s fairy system that lets them reach higher upgrade and rarity levels, along with four new fairies that bring different elements to the field. A launch date hasn’t been tied down yet, but players can expect it all sometime later this year.

source: press release
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