Sandbox MMORPG Reign of Guilds drops gameplay footage, recaps playtest’s duping and other issues


The PvP sandbox Reign of Guilds has wrapped up its fifth round of playtesting, which means Russian developer Atlant Games is digesting the events of that test while also discussing plans for updates.

The post first opens by noting internet and server outages suffered within Russia and by Russian players, which ended up causing Atlant to engage “an unfinished and long-since put-off system of direct communication between servers” that ended up being a breeding ground for item dupes. The post also notes that there were issues with loading ROG’s client; only 26% of accepted testers were able to get in versus the 70% from previous tests. “Don’t worry, dupers, we can see you,” the devs write. “It was especially amusing to read your reports about missing items you had duped.”

The rest of the postmortem goes through adjustments planned for magic weapons, crossbows, XP gain, and resource drops, along with fixes for higher level mobs wandering into lower level zones, holes in the game’s landscape, and dodging. The post then closes with word that it will begin promoting the project, which appears to have been started with a quick sizzle reel uploaded to YouTube that you can watch after the break.

sources: Steam (1, 2), YouTube
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