Reign of Guilds holds its third open Steam playtest until May 7 to work on castle sieges


Since 2019, we’ve been keeping an eye on Reign of Guilds, a sandbox MMORPG that (unsurprisingly) has guilds facing off against one another to hold counties and castles. As one might anticipate, sacking castles is a big part of that whole gameplay loop, which leads to the focus of the game’s latest Steam playtest.

This test is running through May 7th in order for player guilds to try out castle siege mechanics, which accounts for the test’s longer time in order for players to form guilds and get the resources needed to start sieges. A mid-test update for the build has also added a first pass of vocations to let players try their hand at crafting and enchanting. The build has also been getting some regular patches.

This test is open to anyone who applies to join in, so if you’re eager to see what sieges look like in this sandbox, you still have a few days left to get in and see how it all works while giving Atlant Games test data.

source: Steam
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