Tower of Fantasy invites players to the Forbidden County in its November 21 Butterfly in the Abyss update


NPCs in MMORPG and multiplayer worlds should know that calling an area “forbidden” is going to be absolutely ignored by player characters; these are heroic murder blenders whose sole purpose is to allow us to enter unknown and dangerous places, after all. So don’t let Tower of Fantasy’s upcoming Forbidden County deter you from checking it out. After all, that’s where most of the content will be when the shared world RPG releases its Butterfly in the Abyss update on Tuesday, November 21st.

“In this all new 3.4 update, Wanderers will get the chance to explore the deepest parts of Marshville, with howling winds, bustling snow, two new bosses and a host of challenges, making the journey as treacherous as ever. Along the way, they will encounter traces of past generations’ efforts to defend against the Darkness and uncover their secrets in the process.”

Some of the perils awaiting in the Forbidden County include a boss fight against Nan Yin, a half-human, half-fish Darkness entity named Merbelle, and bat-like Hidewing and Rockwing creatures. The area is also linked to new main quest content as players try and derail Nan Yin’s plot while discovering the truth behind the Hendeca County Calamity.

In addition to the new region, quests, and bosses, the update will also introduce new gameplay in the Field of Execution, which tasks players with working together to gather resources and build necessary fortifications to stop an encroaching darkness, then take down the boss Xingtian for some rewards. Much of what’s on tap is previewed in the trailer below.

source: press release
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