Pax Dei testing wrestles with stability and bugs, Abyss testing adds refinements and dragon attacks


It’s been a busy time for the developing sandbox MMORPGs of Pax Dei and Abyss, as both games entered into their respective alphas this month and have been tackling a bunch of expected issues along the way.

We’ll begin with Pax Dei, which has elected to keep its information stuffed in Discord. Most of the news here is focused on server stability problems, multiple bugs affecting things like storage and crafting, and some issues with downloading the game to begin with. Mainframe Industries has otherwise opened up alpha-specific chat channels in Discord for players and written a general guide for new arrivals.

As for Abyss, patches have been coming pretty fast and thick over the last week: Updates made to the game include adjustments to skills, faster regeneration of mana, more fluid movement, a new open world map, and the chance to encounter a roaming dragon that rains fire from the sky, among other things. There’s also been several bug fixes and performance optimizations made along the way as well, while its most recent patch has added orcs, XP earnings from mobs, and new loot drop sounds.

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