Pax Dei’s upcoming 100K-player alpha announces server info to help groups and guilds plan


The days are counting down to Pax Dei’s second alpha test, officially dubbed the “Wilderness Alpha” and scheduled to kick off this April 23rd. As the studio plans to open this up to “at least 100,000 players,” it listed how it’ll organize the servers so that testers can plan where and how to link up with their friends and guilds.

According to the studio, there are three choices that testers can make right now to plan where to play. The first is a region (US or Europe), the second is a server (US Agartha, US Annwyn, EU Arcadia, or EU Elysium), and the third is the choice of a starter area out of four provinces and home valleys.

“We want clans and groups of friends to be able to play together as much as possible. Below you’ll find a list of provinces and home valleys on each server, so you can decide in advance where you’ll build your house, village, or castle,” the studio said.

Source: Discord
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