The Wagadu Chronicles has released its Dungeons & Dragons 5E-compatible tabletop rulebook

Hopefully this leads to better things.

You may or may not feel that The Wagadu Chronicles as it currently exists in its playable state is delivering on its premise. We’re not here to litigate that. But if you feel the game’s setting is interesting enough to draw you in anyhow, perhaps you’d like it more in tabletop form? Yes, the game’s long-awaited tabletop rulebook (compatible with Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition) is available for purchase now. If you want all of the setting but not the game, well, here you go.

The PDF in question is over 700 pages long and contains a dozen new subclasses, new spells, new creatures, plenty of lore, and quite possibly your reason to feel joy or at least invest in a new campaign setting. It’s also going to run you about $25, but if you’re eager for some afro-inspired fantasy to incorporate into your tabletop gaming, that’s a steal… and for 700 pages that’s pretty cheap, too.

Source: DriveThruRPG
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