Guild Wars 2 adds the charmingly baggy cargo pants to the Black Lion Trading Company


Clothes make the man, as the old saying goes, and Guild Wars 2 is hoping that you want to make yourself look really cool with some baggy cargo pants. That’s right, huge, baggy cargo pants. They’re pants that make you look good as you’re striding to the next world event wherever it might be. “Look at me,” your pants say. “I’m a rebel. My pants are loose and comfortable but in a way that’s only a little inconvenient. They’re supposed to be like this. I have so many pockets to store things and I don’t even have things to put in them. What can I even put in these pockets?”

The answer to that question is a set of granola bars and juice boxes, or possibly some tater tots if you aren’t a coward. There are also some other sales going on right now, so if you want to pick up some additional build or template slots while you’re checking out in your huge pants, you do you. Now we just need to wait for the game to add some huge basketball shorts. It’s the next logical progression.

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