Titan Quest II is officially happening – and yes, it has online multiplayer


Multiplayer ARPG fans are probably very familiar with the original Titan Quest, a game set in an age of Greek mythology that is now a classic in the genre and still beloved by gamers. With that in mind, the announcement of a sequel is probably going to perk some ears as Titan Quest II has now been officially announced.

This new OARPG once more comes from publisher THQ Nordic, but this time it’s being developed by Grimlore Games, makers of the RTS RPG SpellForce 3, instead of Iron Lore Entertainment (though the original TQ has seen its expansions developed by two other studios under THQ Nordic’s banner). The announcement post promises “a flexible character system, meaningful loot, challenging combat, and online multiplayer in a handcrafted and immersive world” with the same Greek mythological setting.

A release date for TQ2 hasn’t been locked down yet, but you can expect it on PC, PS5, and Xbox X|S when it does. A cinematic trailer for the game awaits below.

sources: Steam (1, 2). Cheers, Kiry!
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