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Throne & Liberty’s closed technical test kicks off for invited western players through October 3

Just what is the deal with Throne & Liberty? We might be pondering that whole question, but western players who have had their names...

Absurdly cute co-op brawler Party Animals officially launches on PC and Xbox today

MOP's MJ and Chris have been excited for this bizarre game since we first caught a glimpse of the trailer: It's Party Animals, and...

The First Descendant’s crossplay open beta is now available for pre-loading

Were you intrigued by the first 17 minutes of gameplay footage from Nexon's looter shooter The First Descendant enough that you're looking to hop...

Star Trek Online Incursion launches for PC on September 12, starring Garrett Wang, Kipleigh Brown, and Erin Macdonald

Star Trek Online players will soon be boldly going back into the Multiverse plotline with the release of Incursion, coming to PC on September...

Titan Quest II is officially happening – and yes, it has online multiplayer

Multiplayer ARPG fans are probably very familiar with the original Titan Quest, a game set in an age of Greek mythology that is now...

Nexon’s The First Descendent pushes crossplay beta to September – but it’s an open beta now

So we've got some good and bad news for Nexon's next-gen third-person looter shooter The First Descendant today - mostly good, though. Let's start...

Bungie announces extraction shooter Marathon, brings back Nathan Fillion for Destiny 2’s The Final Shape

Well well lookit Bungie, all grown up and taking its "next step in its evolution into a multi-game studio"! Yes, at the PlayStation showcase...

ARK 2 is delayed into 2024, original ARK will get an August UE5 remaster you’ll have to re-buy

The weekly newsletter out of ARK: Survival Evolved is arguably a tale of bad news, then interesting news, then worse news. On the bad...

Valheim confirms a March 14 early access release to Xbox consoles

Have you looked in jealous contempt at Valheim's upcoming hat toggle because you play on the Xbox One or Xbox X|S systems? Do you...

Crossplatform multiplayer monster-hunting game Wild Hearts is live today

Electronic Arts officially leaps into the beast-hunting genre today with the release of KOEI TECMO's and Omega Force's Wild Hearts, live now on Steam,...

The Crew 3 aka The Crew Motorfest launches player testing today

The rumors and teases were true: The Crew franchise is getting another sequel in the form of The Crew Motorfest - essentially The Crew...