SGF 2024: Monster Hunter Wilds debuts a new large monster, confirms cross-platform play


It looks as if Monster Hunter Wilds is going in on showing off as many new things as possible for the 2025 edition of the multiplayer RPG. Hot on the heels of the title’s closer gameplay preview trailer last week, series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto appeared on the Summer Game Fest stage to debut a new trailer and share a few more new details.

The trailer focuses on a team of hunters engaging in combat with the new monster known as the Balahara Leviathan, an extremely agile-looking sandworm-like creature that’s introduced to players by forcing them to avoid a swarm of them. Throughout the new footage, players get a sense of some of the environmental hazards of Wilds’ landscape along with some more mounted combat, while the final few seconds of the trailer show off a pair of additional new monsters.

As exciting as this new look might be, what is arguably the bigger news is confirmation from Capcom that Wilds will feature cross-platform play for the first time, letting gamers on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation 5 team up together. More details and a playable demo of the game are promised during this year’s Gamescom, but for now there’s the trailer below to keep up your hunting hype.

sources: press release, YouTube
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