Palworld’s popularity inspires new merchandise in the form of terrifying adult Halloween costumes

And that's just the tip of the iceberg


There are plenty of ways for fans of a game to feel closer to their favorite titles, but one of those ways is by surrounding themselves in merch. Or perhaps you’re the certain kind of Palworld fan who would like to be literally surrounded by the game by wearing a nearly skin-tight costume based on one of its Pals. If that’s the case, then you have an alarmingly high number of options.

That’s right, the adult Halloween costume industry has taken notice of Pocketpair’s wildly successful survivalbox and has cranked out multiple outfits styled around in-game critters complete with full head-covering hood masks for maximum Purge vibes. Similar-looking costumes have been found elsewhere.

If tightly-fitting Palworld costumes aren’t your thing, there’s even more unofficial merch floating around out there. Perhaps you’d be interested in buying a Grizzbolt plushie, or a throw blanket, or a backpack, or a bedspread cover. There’s also someone supposedly selling a Palworld player character cosplay outfit for $281, though it only features in-game images and not an actually designed outfit in what can only be described as “trust me, bro” energy.

There was some vague indication from Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe that an official Palworld card game is being developed, so perhaps some more direct – and decidedly less creepy – merchandise is on the way. Until then, we’re all just going to have to stare into the face of madness.

source: VG247 via Kotaku
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