Wayfinder delays its global beta to May and its early access to summer

Reveal to me your secrets! Please.

We’ve more than once expressed skepticism that Wayfinder might need a bit more time to cook and wouldn’t make its May early access launch, and as of today, Airship Syndicate has confirmed that’s exactly what’s happening.

“We’re moving the global beta from April to May 10th,” the studio announced on Reddit this afternoon. “We need more time to polish and implement new systems and features beta players have helped us prioritize. This also means there is a cascading effect that Early Access will now be in Summer 2023. The feedback and results of this next beta will help us shape the new Early Access plan, and once we have a date, we will share it.”

The team also notes that it’s not selling founder packs yet because of Steam’s early access rules, but they’ll be available at early access.

Source: Reddit
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