Palworld fixes a dedicated server bug as it continues to roll out critter preview videos


With Palworld’s latest early access content patch bringing a raid boss fight against a goth flower monster, it’s not really surprising that the creature would be part of the recent Pal preview videos. All the same, there’s fresh footage of a fighty spooky plant thing to ogle.

The Bellanoir highlight reel is the latest in yet another series of such vignettes out of Pocketpair, which also include looks at more typical Pals like Ragnahawk and Cryolinx. All three videos await your viewing pleasure below in case you need to fill your eyes with Pals getting all fighty.

In other game update news, recent patches have been generally small but impactful: Last week saw one update that fixed egg incubators and allowed them to accept eggs again (which is a pretty important thing for egg incubators to do), and another patch over the weekend fixed a bug related to dedicated server timeouts.

sources: YouTube (1, 2, 3), Steam (1, 2)
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