The Elder Scrolls Online updates its 2024 roadmap as its 10th anniversary rolls on


ZeniMax Online Studios is understandably making the 10th anniversary of Elder Scrolls Online a memorable one. Hot on the heels of a March celebration and an ongoing buff and boost event, the MMORPG is now showcasing additional events and future updates.

The centerpiece of this post is the updated 10th anniversary roadmap, which grants fans a long-tail look at what’s headed to ESO as far forward as 2025. The month of June will obviously feature the Gold Road chapter release, along with an in-person event in Sweden, a “Tamriel Through Time web experience,” and an in-game achievement to mark 10 years. Incidentally, make sure to check out our own insider peek at Gold Road in order to help you prepare.

As for the remainder of 2024, that will have more in-person events including an appearance at this year’s Gamescom, along with housing system features in Update 43 and a PvP focus for Update 44; and 2025 promises a global reveal livestream, Updates 45 through 48, and an in-person event in North America.

The milestone is further being marked with an Alienware-hosted Steam community event that urges players to unlock in-game rewards (and they pretty much already have as of this writing), an upcoming April promotion that is pretty clearly focused on the Thieves Guild DLC, and the promise of more promotions and celebrations across social media. Basically there is a whole lot more to come.

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