Palworld summons a raid boss and adds new items, Craftopia introduces a gathering drone


Both of Pocketpair’s quirky early access survival sandboxes have gotten some new content added to them, so whether you’re a pal of Palworld or a crafter in Craftopia (or both), you’ve got some new things to see and do.

Palworld’s newest patch has introduced its first summonable raid boss by the name of Bellanoir. This new critter promises to be a challenging battle, especially in its extreme version, and while it cannot be captured, it does drop eggs that can be incubated to add to players’ roster of monsters.

The update has also introduced a wide assortment of new items, including an egg incubator that automatically manages optimal hatching temperature (provided it gets electricity), an ore mining station, training manuals that grant stat points or ancient technology points, health recovery meds, and a Ring of Mercy that guarantees damage to a Pal doesn’t drop lower than 1HP. There are various other updates and fixes as well, meaning the patch notes have a lot to read.

As for Craftopia, the most recent patch is comparatively smaller but no less important to note, particularly as it brings an updated drone item that will automatically seek out a specified material around a player base and bring it to nearby chests. The patch has also applied a couple of bug fixes to world hertiage site fireworks and the game camera’s position while riding a minecart.

source: Steam (1, 2)
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