The Steam Spring Sale brings savings for The Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy XIV, and more

Sasa Lele

Spring is about to spring and be sprung in Spring with… look, it’s time for the Steam Spring Sale, one of the many times every year when Steam puts a whole bunch of games on steep discount so that you can fill your library with more games, some of which you will actually play. And some of those games are indeed MMORPGs, which is directly in our wheelhouse!

The Elder Scrolls Online is down to $5.99 for its standard edition, for example. Final Fantasy XIV is offering its complete edition with all expansions for $23.99, just barely higher than the starter edition. Guild Wars 2 offers its first two expansions for $7.49 and End of Dragons for $14.99. New World is just $15.99, Sea of Thieves is $19.99, and Craftopia is just $14.99. Heck, Palworld is even on sale at $26.99, which isn’t that big a discount but it’s still very new.

Factoring in the number of free-to-play MMOs on the service offering discounted DLC for the week-long sale and MMO lovers have many, many chances to get something new for just a few bucks. If you’re eager for something new, check out the offerings on the storefront. (Don’t pretend you don’t already have Steam installed.)

Source: Steam
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