Palworld celebrates 25M players in its first month, promises anti-cheat measures, showcases critters


The hot iron of Palworld might have cooled just a bit, but the quirky survival sandbox has still drawn in some big numbers overall. Developer Pocketpair celebrated another player number milestone last week, heralding 25M players across both Steam and Xbox, with 15M on the former and 10M on the latter. Even as the new high water mark was highlighted by the studio, it looks like player numbers are starting to settle on Steam, though they’re still sitting in the six figures at the time of this writing.

As for updates to the survivalbox, there hasn’t been too much new save for a bug-fixing patch two weeks ago as well as the promise to implement anti-cheat measures for official servers at the end of this month that will include a player list function, followed by the use of a third-party anti-cheat tool for official servers; player-hosted servers, co-op games, and single-player games will have the option to not use this upcoming utility.

Otherwise news out of Palworld is largely promotional, including a Twitch Rivals event last weekend, an official giveaway for a Palworld-branded Xbox, and another series of critter vignettes.

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