Helldivers 2 players decry mission farming and saboteurs as servers stabilize and stealth is hinted at


This past weekend in Helldivers 2 was significantly more stable as far as the game’s servers are concerned, which has now opened players up to fresh new problems: the “fun” of having to deal with others’ poor behavior in a co-op shooter game with friendly fire.

Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt proudly declared victory against server problems this past Saturday, though he did note that a recent server cap raise to 800K might be hit and cause light queues at one point earlier. Pilestedt noted the success now lets the studio focus on improving the title and adding “many exciting things” – including the possible addition of stealth-focused features like suppressed weapons and subsonic ammunition, which were apparently in a playtest version of the game he played prior to release.

Of course now that queues seem to be a thing of the past, players have now begun to focus on “dissident” behavior in PUGs. Some of the most recent and loudest caterwauling relates to teams electing to farm kill missions repeatedly for XP and medals instead of doing highlighted major orders that help the overall community’s goals of liberating planets from enemy factions. “You farmers constantly starting an operation, playing ONLY the kill automatons mission(s) and then quitting to find another is why we’re getting our shit pushed in so hard,” argues a Redditor. “You are actively sabotaging the entire war effort.”

Players are also putting out warnings for one specific player by the name of GantzTheDemon, who has earned notoriety for repeatedly team killing members of his squad just before extraction. Many players are suggesting he be blacklisted, added as an official in-game bounty, or are going so far as to issue threats against the player, proving once more that, as with most other online games, hell can often be other people.

sources: Twitter (1, 2, 3) via PC Gamer, Reddit via VG247, DOT Esports
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