Warframe preps its Dante Unbound update and 11-year anniversary for March


The month of March is going to be here before you know it, and when it does arrive, it’s bringing plenty of new content for players of Warframe in the form of the Dante Unbound update as well as a celebration of the looter shooter’s 11 years of operation.

Dante Unbound will bring another bundle of new things for players to do, including the previously showcased “warrior of words” Dante along with his unique Noctua book weapon, an improvement to the Entrati game mode, and the new Deep Archimedea mode, which is a weekly challenge of three uninterrupted missions that can be tweaked with special difficulty modifiers to grant additional rewards. Players can also expect a rework for the Inaros Frame, 10 new augments, and quality-of-life updates.

On top of the new content patch, March will also mark the 11th anniversary of Warframe. More details on how this milestone will be celebrated are promised soon, but for now Digital Extremes has confirmed that everyone will get a Dex Nikana melee weapon for logging in, confirmed that previous anniversary items that can be earned from weekly alerts, and announced that new glyphs will be available by watching community streams.

On the subject of events, the stream also confirmed that TennoCon 2024 tickets will be on sale on March 28th and confirmed that Warframe’s next devstream will be live from the PAX East show floor on March 22nd. For now, there’s a summary of the latest devstream here and a full VOD awaiting below the break.

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