Co-op survival RPG Coreborn permanently slashes price, adds new town management features


Developer Blankhans is once again reaffirming that its multiplayer survival RPG Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore didn’t quite meet its initial standards: The studio has announced on Discord that the game will be permanently discounted to $15 on Steam, encouraging existing players to “share with [their] friends and start your town at a much lower price.”

This price drop is just the latest worrisome step from the studio, which included a studio socials rebranding and focus on its Fortnite experience. However, the game did get a large update at the top of February called Settlers’ Dawn, which introduced four new roles players can be assigned in their created towns, expanded town building and management, and a new Jibbling maintenance system, among other things, along with a couple of smaller patches afterward.

Even with this recent price drop and major update, it looks like player numbers are still upsettingly meager, with six online right now and 11 in the last 24-hour peak from an all-time peak of 782. Still, recent Steam reviews show a “very positive” sentiment, with many talking up its cozy nature, enjoyable art style, and its potential, though whether there’s enough potential to encourage new buyers at the lowered price point will only be told with time.

sources: Discord via, Steam (1, 2), SteamDB
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