Children of Ur and Eleven join forces to create the ultimate Glitch revival


The process of rebuilding the social and non-combat sandbox MMO Glitch has been a slow one. It’s been one that attracted a deep well of talent, though, as multiple separate revival projects were in the works to bring the game back in a big way. Among them were Children of Ur and Eleven, both working separately to restore the shutdown title… but no longer, because now both teams are combining their forces to create one singular revival project.

According to the official announcement, this merging will ultimately still be dubbed Eleven but will feature the rebuilt, non-Flash client from Children of Ur and a more expansive philosophy espoused by that same design team. The result should be a new and improved version of Glitch, one running on more modern architecture and with better overall design while staying true to the roots of the game itself. A good thing for the quality of the games as a whole and for the future of the Glitch revival efforts.

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