Here’s what’s going on with Glitch’s successors


We are fast approaching the late, lamented Glitch’s birthday on September 27th, and to mark the occasion, we thought we would check in with the progress of both of the game’s community reboot projects.

Over in Children of Ur, the team released its “Cuteness Update” earlier this month. Players can witness cubimal racing in the streets, enjoy a bag for music boxes, and stay in touch with others thanks to the new friends list.

Meanwhile, Eleven continues with its extremely small alpha, although the devs are hosting a drawing to pull out additional testers (you’ll need to enter before next Monday if you’re interested!). The project’s lead developer also recently posted a roundup of AMA questions and answers.

Eleven’s beta doesn’t yet have a date, but the team is pushing forward with the game’s updates: “One of the most recent milestones we hit (that I personally was pushing for, at least), was the release of housing for the alpha community to play around with, since it was my favorite feature. We’re currently discussing our next milestones, so I’ll update this answer once we can give you something a little more concrete.”

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