There’s now another Glitch reboot on the way: Odd Giants


When TinySpeck – that’s the company that went on to ultimately found Slack – sunsetted its tiny browser sandbox Glitch back in 2012, it did something most other MMO companies would never do: It turned over assets and permission to use them to the community. That’s meant there are several fan-built versions of the game floating around the internet in various states of development, including Eleven and Children of Ur.

Now add one more to the pile: Odd Giants by indie developer Reflect Soft. There isn’t a whole lot of info yet on how the game will deviate from the original, if it will at all; it looks to be promising the same huge pile of maps, achievements, NPC, and critters. The original game ran in Flash, which was part of the problem with its longevity – a successful reboot would need to port to something modern.

“We’re keeping it closed source and serious, as we understood that bringing up volunteers to develop the game is a neat experience, but due to it’s nature, very limiting and slow process,” the devs told MOP. “We decided to use Patreon as a way of covering up some of the server uptime cost and potentially development time.” The site recommends players “stay tuned” for more info, forums, and more, and we think waiting and watching for now is good advice all around. We’ll be watching to see how this one develops.

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Good luck, i tried to find what tech the game use but could not find any information, Eleven uses Flash, Children of Ur use HTML5 … so what tech Odd Giants is using?

Reflect Soft

Hello, thank you for your interest!

Expect more news on our website soon!
We’re using Unity as it supports a broad range of platforms, including browser, and it’s editor is very well suited for this kind of 2D, as we might refer to it “platform experience”.


Thank you, i hoped the project will use something like Unity, stand alone client instead of using web browser tech … i wish you the best of luck.

Nick Smith

Love Glitch! The music, story, gameplay. Totally miss it.