Eleven resurfaces with an update on its Glitch remake


After over a year of silence, the volunteer team behind one of Glitch’s remakes has emerged for an update. Eleven’s team let the community know that while it hadn’t given up on resurrecting Tiny Speck’s unique MMO, it has been slow going.

“We’re still hard at work on this, but the current focus of development effort involves a bunch of server-side reliability and data consistency work which isn’t particularly shiny or fun to write about,” the team said. “Other eventual work involves recreating the locations (190 or so) that weren’t in the Tiny Speck asset release and figuring out the future of the client.”

Eleven’s team encouraged fans to hang out on the alpha forums for more up-to-date information and project announcements. Meanwhile, fellow Glitch reboot Children of Ur has been quiet ever since its last blog post back in May.

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There are a good number of browser based MMORPGs that would do well on Mobile now. Mobile was the entire reason most of them went under anyway (browser gaming doing a steep decline as the majority of the type of people who played browser games mostly moved to mobile). There are numerous browser games that would have died that instead made a mobile version and thrived.

Glitch would be one that would do great on mobile, if the original game was ressurected and continued. I know it’s probably not going to happen, just a thought that’s hard not to think about when it’s true.

Anybody remember Faunasphere? A wonderful little browser MMO where you played and bred animals and it just was very cool. It was a victim of the decline in browser gaming and not running super great on the browser tech of the day. If anybody was able to still somehow buy the rights to it (last I knew Bigfish owned them but I’m not sure what happened to the rights later) and ressurect it on Mobile I really believe they’d have a big hit on their hands. I’m not sure the legalities or process of doing so, but it actually would be a very smart decision if someone was able to.


“Eleven resurfaces…”

Wasn’t that part of the plot? o.O

Laura Blackhart

Re: Children of Ur, and even Eleven

Hi! Dev Elle here from CoU! I’d like to take a moment to address the comments below.

Something you need to keep in mind is that these projects are VOLUNTEER based. We are not getting paid for this. CoU was making a lot of progress while I was unemployed and living across the country from Dev Thaderator. Since November of last year, I’ve been gainfully employed, moved across the country to live with Thaderator in August, and we just got married on Halloween of this year. That’s 2/3 of us actively on the team. Our 3rd, Dev Klikini, has started school again and is busy with things other than full-time schooling.

Not so sorry to say it, but life gets in the way. Between working full-time, enjoying each other as newlyweds, and studies, there just isn’t a lot of time left in the day.

That being said, our VERY small team (3 active, including myself, for the last year+) are always happy to take on more volunteers. Put your whining where your mouth is. Know DART? Can you code well? Understand the ins and outs of API? HTML5? WE NEED YOU! :)

And having another graphic designer would be incredible, too! It’s not easy MANUALLY taking the often corrupt FLA files TinySpeck left behind and converting them to PNGs. It takes time as there are literally THOUSANDS of assets. This is why only the majority of Shimla Mirch (and other bog areas) has been completed and not other areas. Which, by the way, took me god knows how many hours to complete. After that I was burnt out, which happens to us often. This project is overwhelming. It’s like going into a haystack to find a grain of sand pretty much any time you dive into it.

Others have tried to run a script and translate said assets to PNG, but this often results in obnoxious white dots (don’t get me started), bright red/off-color pieces, and low quality. This is why it has to be done manually. Sometimes I’ve had to downright recreate assets.

If this were my full time job- hell, if this were any of our full time jobs- you would’ve gotten your so desperately sought after update already.


So, please, unless you’re going to volunteer (and actually stay on the team – we seem to get a lot of interest that lasts >1 week once they figure out just how overwhelming this project truly is), zip yer lip and be grateful for what’s there already. TinySpeck only left behind so much and CoU was built from the ground up from scratch. Why else do you think Glitch shut down? It was based on an already dying platform, AKA Flash.


I hope this helps to clear up some of the confusion for you. I bet that Eleven is in the same boat, considering they’re also volunteer-based.


My comments were confined to Eleven. I’ve never seriously considered the CoU project because I understand the scope of the task.

TBH, all I hear you say is “Software is hard and life’s not fair”.

Eleven had all kinds of suggestions early on from the player base, and many pushed for them to go to Kickstarter to raise funds for developing the game. They turned everything down and said they could manage it on their own. Guess what, they were wrong.

Quite frankly, we all have jobs and hard work and blah, blah, blah, but we didn’t put up a website for a game that has been in dev for over four years and expect people to be patient while you sort the complexities of your lives out.

Either do or don’t. All I hear both of these teams do is blame something. I don’t know if you speak for that project, but complaining like this in a public forum doesn’t make your prospects look any better.

It’s too hard? Give it up and stop leading people on. Then we can all move on and simply have the memories of Glitch.

FWIW, I worked in the gaming business and I know exactly how hard it is.

Andy McAdams
Kickstarter Donor
Andy McAdams

I feel like your post is harsher and more attacking than what is absolutely called for here.


I feel like your post is more conciliatory and excusing than what is called for here. You condone someone who develops software and offers nothing but hard luck and “software is hard” excuses? You’re part of the problem. Software development is not about participation trophies and you are not the moral compass.

This person is basically SHOUTING that I’m the problem because I haven’t helped them. I don’t think you can get much further from accepting responsibility

The reason that these people haven’t finished this game, and have no intention to finish it is because of enablers like you.

Andy McAdams
Kickstarter Donor
Andy McAdams



Jesse Williams

It’s cute that you say things like “but we didn’t put up a website for a game that has been in dev for over four years and expect people to be patient while you sort…” as if you’ve been a paying customer jilted by a wayward development team. Bugger off, MesaSage. The reason that the game isn’t finished is because it’s hard. So hard, in fact, that TinySpeck had to give Glitch up in the first place. I mean, #Slack is cool and all, but of course I wish they’d stuck with Glitch. Still, here were are years later and no substitute is available. You really think that’s because nobody WANTS the game to come back? Because nobody is really trying? Give me a break.


“Sorry we haven’t updated you in a year, here’s some excuses relating to things we’ve been blaming all along but you wouldn’t understand anyway. Meanwhile, hang out in the forums! See ya next year!”

I’ve come to the conclusion that they are fine with how it is. Little by little everyone in the forum will get a taste of alpha access, get bored and go away and then they can stop pretending it will ever ship.

Do us all a favor and get one of them on the phone and ask them point blank when they plan to ship and how they’re going to go about finishing it. Reporting on it like this every six months or so is just enabling them.


why are you so entitled? theyre fans working in their free time to recreate an experience that was important to them. glitch’s closure still feels like a bullet to my gut but being rude to the developers of the revival does literally nothing to help


Last resort of the weak argument is to call someone names, dear.

I don’t think it’s exactly entitled to expect more than one Blog post in a calendar year. I don’t think it’s entitled for them to give specifics and not talk about the same things they’ve been talking about for the last three years.

They are the ones who’ve sought publicity here and other places. Nobody is holding a gun to their head to do this.

This is not a revival. This is a class project. A hobby. It needs to be called what it is.

I read their forums and I see how much Glitch meant to the group of people who still hang around there. I feel badly for all of them. The devs, not so much.

You want rude? Telling people you’re re-making a game, shun all offers of financial backing when the iron was hot and the time was right, and then ask them to wait 4 years while being strung along on a ride to nowhere. That’s rude.

There were other potential efforts to remake the game and those were discouraged early on by the seeming progress of Eleven. So, they killed off pretty much any competition and then squandered their position, much to the detriment of the community.

Christopher Pierce

I would love to see a Glitch revival because I really miss that game but I just don’t have a lot of confidence any more in these passion projects. I hope I am wrong.


Nice to hear anything about both projects, but every time i remeber them i have to check which is which.

Eleven uses Flash, Children of Ur use HTML5 … Children of Ur last github commit was in 27 of July.