The Repopulation considers closing its EU server, adding hardcore server as 10.2 patch rolls out to testers


Idea Fabrik has a new forum post up on the state of sandbox MMO The Repopulation heralding the testing of update 10.2. There’s downside, however, as the studio says it will be wiping the servers and merging them to “enable the developers and the players to focus on community building in a single place.” That’ll mean the end of the EU server in the short term.

“Being that the wipe is occurring with this update and the populations are low on both servers, we thought it would be the perfect time to merge into one community and build upwards from there. If we decide bring up a single server, we would be disabling the EU server until later in development, after more systems are completed and the community grows again. This would allow players to make fresh characters on the server or move their current US East Characters across. We have several options on how we can handle this and would like your input now and in the future when you think we are ready to reopen the EU Server.”

The patch itself is focused on fixing crashes related to zoning relating to inventory, harvesting, houses, camps, and more; it also adds new art, a new tutorial, new world areas, and a potential hardcore server.

“As we get closer to having these systems done we will evaluate the population of the game and see if we want to put up a Hardcore server or explore the avenues of having optional areas/rulesets within all of the other servers,” explains the studio.

Idea Fabrik bought out the game’s original development studio, Above & Beyond, earlier this year, following a bitter extended battle between the two companies over the Hero Engine licensing.

Source: Official site. With thanks to Olivier.
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