Dawngate Revival project hits its Kickstarter target, but funding continues for nearly two more months

Well, you know.

Hey, folks, remember Dawngate? The answer is probably “no, not in the slightest,” which would make a certain amount of sense as the game never actually launched and didn’t really make much of a splash. It was a MOBA with a similar map structure to League of Legends and… well, similar lots of things, but it did have refinements and differences. For example, you received bonus gold by fulfilling your character’s role, the game’s characters had back-and-forth banter between them, and so forth. And now it has a revival project on Kickstarter.

According to the Kickstarter page itself, the project is the result of six years of fan-based revival projects which have worked at improving the game. The project also states that licensing talks with Electronic Arts to use the same name are at least hopeful at the moment, although there are plans to change the name if that ultimately becomes a sticking point. This particular Kickstarter is aimed at demonstrating to investors that interest is there, with the initial funding goal of $50,000 having already been met and surpassed.

Worth noting is that the revival project does not have a proper website, only a Discord channel and a handful of development videos. The project page also states that the team cannot go into any details regarding its informal discussions with EA, which is rather significant given that company’s litigation history and size (although this is not strictly speaking unheard of). If you have fond memories of Dawngate during its beta testing or just a deep love of MOBA games, you’ve got a couple months more to decide if you want to roll the dice for investing in this one.

Source: Kickstarter
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