OrbusVR has fully funded on Kickstarter


OrbusVR, the blocky indie VR sandbox from Ad Alternum, has finished out its Kickstarter successfully this morning.

The studio had originally promised a brief, one-week Kickstarter with only a $10,000 goal, which backers met within four hours of launch. It sails to the finish line today with over 500 backers and $34,000 raised, which covers stretch goals including a pet companion system, extra world boss, and the Explorer’s League faction, falling just shy of an additional battle discipline (like the Monk or Shaman). The Kickstarter money is intended to buffer the game’s existing funding, not pay for the whole game.

OrbusVR is being built for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift as a full-scale MMORPG with all the basics — questing, combat, open-world zones, group content, and crafting — plus more unusual features like hybrid instanced dungeons, hidden and “feat” quests, player bounties, tiered safety zones for PvP, and a nifty compass system, the last of which was previewed over the weekend. Raiding won’t make it in for launch.

“Thank you for your support through this process, it’s been an amazing validation of the hard work our team has been putting in over the last year while we got the game ready for you to play,” Ad Alternum’s Riley Dutton wrote on Kickstarter.

Alpha is expected to begin on April 20th.

Source: Kickstarter
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