Post-apoc survival sandbox Edengrad has officially (and quietly) been cancelled


It’s officially the end of the road for Edengrad, the post-apocalyptic survival sandbox from developer Huckleberry Games, and much like someone caught in the desert of Arizona, it seems to have died off quietly, with the studio simply requesting the early access game no longer be sold on Steam.

Edengrad first hit our notice back in 2016, successfully completing a Kickstarter campaign in June of that year and moving through its early testing phases up until an early access launch on April 2017. After that, the studio went quiet, save for an image post in December 2018 promising that there would be more, which was then followed by a big stock sale in July 2019 that appeared to give the game the cash infusion it needed to push on. However, the game has now simply just ceased to be.

As for Huckleberry Games, the studio has apparently completely changed focus according to reporting from Connor of MMO Fallout, renaming itself Neurone Studio and moving to contract work like building an app for a solar power company. The games industry can be savage sometimes, friends.

sources: Steam, MMO Fallout
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