Indie MMO Sacrament follows failed Kickstarter with Patreon bid


Indie studio Ferocity Unbound Core Studios, the group behind hardcore sandpark MMO Sacrament, has today kicked off a Patreon campaign designed to raise money for game development. The authors of the studio’s latest press release say that they are

“… quite certain that in Ferocity Unbound’s Business Plan they’re using a SWOT [context] model where the most profound ‘Weakness’ listed is ‘Unfunded.’ Anyone who believes they can build something using hopes and dreams doesn’t truly understand business, and Ferocity Unbound has shown [the authors of the press release] that they are fully aware of this issue. Layenem talks about it from time to time, and with a failed Kickstarter some thought they’d just humbly bow their heads and return to the realm of gaming, and leave game making to the AAA studios.”

Sacrament’s devs launched a Kickstarter earlier this spring that ended in failure with only $3,155 pledged toward a $250,000 goal and a vow to return on Patreon, now met; the creators seek a minimum of $850 per month. The game promises 20 tiers of progression in place of levels, an end to the holy trinity, 28 classes, full voice acting, group-centric PvE, heavy PvP, and “almost 200 raid boss fights.” It has previously billed itself as “the evolution of EverQuest.”

Source: Press release
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