Grand Theft Auto Online expands its black market


Surely if you’re playing Grand Theft Auto Online, you’re not above engaging in some shady black market activities. So for criminal scum of the earth like you, this week’s Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update is perfect to feed your avaricious appetites.

The update allows players to expand their criminal empires, starting with the acquisition of an executive office¬†(complete with an assistant and arcade cabinet!). From here, players can buy and sell “special” cargo on the black market, although there will be the need to defend one’s warehouse from rival corporations.

Of course, you can expect plenty of new vehicles in the patch as well (this is Grand Theft Auto, after all), additional outfits, and something called the Trading Places Adversary mode. Players can get a couple of free wardrobe pieces simply by logging into GTAO from now through June 13th.

Source: Rockstar
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