Genfanad elaborates on trading card combat conversion and its effects on crafting and social features


Last month, old school-inspired MMORPG Genfanad decided to trade in its behind-the-scenes dice roll combat model for a trading card game-styled deckbuilder instead – a shift so big that the game went down for maintenance all through this month in order to apply it. Until the title returns with a closed beta and eventual reopening, Rose-Tinted Games has been keeping fans in the loop with developer diaries about the switch.

The meatier post about this new combat model was shared in the middle of the month, describing the overall combat model’s mechanics. In summary, players will have to manage spending energy in every hand as they encounter fights from simple monsters to deck-wielding boss fights. As for deckbuilding, players will have to manage two types of decks: an ability deck with cards that players gather and assemble themselves, and an equipment deck that automatically fills with set numbers and types of cards based on the equipment the player is wearing.

The studio has also provided a brief consideration about the combat model’s wider effects as an MMORPG, confirming that crafting and gathering as it is now will still be the same and explaining how the trading card model can create more social interaction among players. Genfanad is eyeing a late September opening of the TCG model’s closed beta for Kickstarter backers and Patreon patrons.

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