The Elder Scrolls Online walks players through the process of designing boss encounters


It’s not about the boss arena, and it’s not about the boss; in The Elder Scrolls Online, it’s about both. A new article on the official site talks about how bosses are designed in the game, and one of the elements of design is that a boss arena should feel linked to the boss itself. The environment informs the fight, and the fight informs the environment, so both sides feel like inextricably linked elements during the encounter.

Similarly, movement is key in designing a boss fight within the game; players shouldn’t feel like they’re just standing there and smacking away at a boss-sized health pool but like they’re active participants with dodges, rolls, and blocks. If you’re curious about how the game has made some of its more iconic fights come together, the full article is well worth a read through. There’s a lot of stuff that goes into creating engaging bosses, after all.

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