TennoCon 2022: Digital Extremes announces new fantasy MMO Soulframe


Warframe is a undeniably a sci-fi game. Players are even referred to as Space Ninjas. But what would happen if it turned fantasy? We shall soon see. Amid the closing moments of TennoCon 2022, Creative Director Steve Sinclair officially passed his mantle to Director of Community and Live Operations Rebecca Ford — or should I say, Creative Director Rebecca Ford. He also announced that he and other members of old guard of Digital Extremes will be moving on to develop a brand-new fantasy game called Soulframe.

The finale of TennoLive was a trailer that highlighted this new project. Folks might notice some familiar elements between Warframe and Soulframe. The official site doesn’t have much on it yet, but more details will be forth coming. What we know is that it will be a free-to-play action hybrid MMORPG. We look forward to watching the development of this new game.

DE also shared a letter to the community on Twitter expounding a bit on the changes. (Cheers, Velein!)

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