warframe of mind

Warframe of Mind is a Warframe column by MJ Guthrie. [Follow this column’s RSS feed]

Warframe of Mind: Massively OP’s guide to finding your ‘Frame

When I first tried Warframe , I found that I enjoyed the movement system, and I discovered that I really loved headshots with...

Warframe of Mind: The Plains of Eidolon Beautification Project

Sometimes when an MMO adds new zones, previous ones are left behind and seemingly forgotten when development moves on. I am not naming names,...

Warframe of Mind: Celebrating six years of Space Ninja history

Happy birthday! Warframe commemorated its sixth anniversary this week (or last week, depending on which date you go by), and that means it's...

Warframe of Mind: Can we catch up in Warframe’s story before TennoCon?

I have mixed feelings about TennoCon 2019. Don't get me wrong -- I am excited as all get out and look forward to going!...