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Warframe of Mind is a Warframe column by MJ Guthrie. [Follow this column’s RSS feed]

TennoCon 2020: Warframe’s infested open world Heart of Deimos launches August 25th on all platforms

To the moon, Tenno! A Mars moon, to be exact. If that was your guess for Warframe's Heart of Deimos expansion, you...

TennoCon 2020: Warframe art panel showcases new frames and infested everything

While the biggest reveal isn't until later tonight, that doesn't mean Warframe players aren't being treated to tons of tasty tidbits at

Warframe of Mind: A history of TennoCon reveals, from The War Within to Heart of Deimos

I don't know about you, but there was a certain sadness hanging in the air on July 11th as I sat home instead of...

Warframe of Mind: Five ways to make a more splendiferous TennoCon 2020

When Digital Extremes announced the scrapping of all TennoCon 2020 in-person attendee plans, I was understandably pretty bummed. After all, Warframe's event...

Warframe of Mind: Railjack revamp, Nightwave 3, Protea footage, and other news from devstream-from-home

Just because the devs at Digital Extremes are working for home does not mean Warframe isn't getting plenty of love and attention. The...

Warframe of Mind: Looking back at Warframe’s lucky seventh year

In our first Warframe anniversary retrospective in 2019, we covered everything from the beginning up through the shooter's sixth birthday. For the...

Warframe of Mind: Celebrating seven years with free styles, weapons, and a contest

Is seven a lucky number? It is for Warframe, which is turning seven years old this month. Actually, I think you could argue...

Warframe of Mind: The mental health implications of Chains of Harrow

Previously on Warframe of Mind I extolled the virtues of Warframe’s Chains of Harrow mission. It definitely deserved praise: I loved the...

Warframe of Mind: The creepy charm of Chains of Harrow

Slowly but surely, I have been making my way through Warframe's story missions. And while understandably story and lore may not be...

Warframe of Mind: Previewing Empyrean and Railjacks with Digital Extremes

Last Friday's dev stream showed off more about Warframe Railjack - more as in flight and in fights! The devs detailed the...

Warframe of Mind: First impressions of Railjack (plus our guide to building your own)

When Digital Extremes first teased Codename: Railjack back at TennoCon 2018, it was exciting to say the least. Fly through space itself...

Warframe of Mind: A guide to finding Warframe’s lore fragments

Now that you know there is a host of lore to find in Warframe, you are probably more eager to gather it...

Warframe of Mind: Where to look to find the lore in Warframe

When I mention the lore in Warframe, the response I usually get is "There's lore in Warframe?!?" I've even gotten this from some...

Warframe of Mind: Get ready to rock with playable instruments

Digital Extremes can sure pack a bunch of good stuff in its Warframe Twitch shows, and July 26th's devstream #129 was no exception....

Warframe of Mind: TennoGen fosters player creativity and content, store now on Steam

With TennoCon 2019 in the rearview mirror, it's time for folks to buckle down and get back to work developing more awesomeness for...

TennoCon 2019: The Duviri Paradox trailer teases Warframe’s next big thing after Empyrean

For the second time, Digital Extremes left players hanging with teaser trailer at the end of TennoCon. This year, The shocker was The...

Warframe of Mind: TennoCon hype escalates with announcement of a life-size MOA pet

What would it be like to have your very own Warframe MOA pet? I certainly want one! I'll get a taste of that...

Warframe of Mind: The story of Space Mom and The Second Dream

When I first started playing Warframe, I definitely wasn't in it for the story. Was there story? Initially, no. There were only crumbs...

Warframe of Mind: Should Digital Extremes ditch RNG in endgame loot drops?

Here's a question for you: Should a game that eschewed random loot boxes at the request of players use RNG loot drops for rare...

Warframe of Mind: Massively OP’s guide to finding your ‘Frame

When I first tried Warframe , I found that I enjoyed the movement system, and I discovered that I really loved headshots with...