TennoCon 2022: Warframe crossplay, cross save, and customizing Khal in Veilbreaker


An occupational hazard of attending cons: catching Iwantitnow-itis. This afflicts me after every TennoCon, be they digital or live. TennoCon 2022 was no different. Unfortunately, except with some rare exceptions — like the instant release of Khora PrimeWarframe announcements and reveals are just teases of things to come. Sometimes, it even takes multiple years to finally get our hands on what we’ve only seen and heard about before *cough*The Duviri Paradox*cough*.

What do I want right now that I know I’ll have to wait for? Veilbreaker! During TennoLive, viewers were treated to a brand-new trailer that raised questions (and our hopes!) about the next upcoming content, which includes a familiar Grineer face. Perhaps I wont have to wait too terribly long through; newly installed Creative Director Rebecca Ford even surprisingly announced that it might even release before The Duviri Paradox does, so we might see Veilbreaker before winter.

A glimpse of Veilbreaker

Even if folks haven’t reached that point in Warframe yet, those who watched TennoLive last year already know that there’s the opportunity to play as Khal. He fights valiantly, but eventually loses. Now, we see Khal re-emerge, rip off the mind controlling veil, and take steps to freedom again. We also see him fight archons and get a glimpse of multiple customization options for this favorite Grineer. (Maybe we’ll even get Clem as playable someday, too?) Fashion frame meets Grinee – what’s not to love?

The trailer wasn’t only about the now famous Grineer. It also highlighted Warframes fighting the archon bosses as a group and hinted at some mystery as Khal approaches another Grineer in stasis. There is definitely story to be had there, and I am eager for it. Devs emphasized that Veilbreaker’s content is dedicated to the state of the origin system after The New War.

Cries for crossplay

Another thing many players want ASAP is crossplay, which was announced at TennoCon last year. Throughout the entire broadcast, Twitch chat was filled with questions about crossplay and cross save. While no date was given, the queries about progress were partially answered during TennoLive. Ford stated that development is coming along and that community testing is coming soon. As part of the road to releasing crossplay, on July 29th there will be a Baro parity event; the purpose is to sync this event up across all the platforms, a very necessary step before all platforms can play together. After this is all sorted, cross save will get the attention. Sorry, that’s as detailed of an answer as you get. In mobile news, devs noted that the friends and family testing was already in swing.

One last TennoLive tidbit was the announcement of Warframe’s 50th frame. For this auspicious occasion, Styanax even got a special introduction: He was revealed via a short animated clip instead of just concept art. It appears that a longer animated short will be his full unveiling to the public at a later date. We look forward to learning more about him in time.

Pick a ‘Frame, any ‘Frame! The Warframe galaxy is in danger, Tenno, and Space Mom needs help to combat it. Are you in the right Warframe of Mind to join in? MJ Guthrie has enlisted; she suits up in her favorite ‘Frames biweekly to fight the good fight, blasting the Grineer and Infected into smithereens.
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