TennoCon 2022: Warframe introduces new Khora Prime – and she’s live now


One thing Space Ninjas always look forward to is the announcement of a brand-new prime frame in Warframe. At last year’s convention, the infested Nidus Prime was announced. And today, at TennoCon 2022’s art panel with Art and Animation Director Geoff Crookes, Lead Concept Artist Eric Vedder, Associate Art Director Kary Black, and Community Manager Danielle Sokolowski, Digital Extremes unveiled the next prime to join the line-up: Khora Prime.

With Khora Prime revealed, now comes the wait. Or does it? Instead of having to wallow in anticipation for any length of time to get their hands on her, players can acquire Khora Prime right away as she went live as soon as the art panel concluded. As with other frames, prime access grants an alt helmet as well as a prime versions of her Dual Keres swords and Hystrix quill gun. Her pet Venari also gets matching prime treatment.

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