Gloria Victis patches in bosses and a larger world

Well the first thing I do is MAUL SOME HIKERS (like a boss)

The world of Gloria Victis has gotten larger with the most recent patch, a great deal of additional space available for players to tromp about. This is partly in an effort to make sure that the game can account for additional players when it launches on Steam’s Early Access service in the next few months, but it’s also going to give more space for bandit camps, deserters, and other challenges for more experienced players. Like bears that are more dangerous than regular bears. Boss bears.

It’s not just bears who have bosses, as players will also find older aurochs, wolves, and perhaps other animals. These are the examples of the species that seem to have barely changed from the days when humans were huddling in caves, massive beasts whose powerful hides can be used to craft equipment of exceptional might. Check out the full patch notes if you like, or just start hunting down some big old bosses; you’ve got more ground to cover, after all.

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