gloria victis

Official Site: Gloria Victis
Studio: Black Eye Games
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Fantasy PvP Sandbox
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Gloria Victis Siege’s free prologue version is live on Steam

Back in March, Black Eye Games surprised Gloria Victis players and everyone else by announcing Gloria Victis: Siege, a survival and...

Steam Summer Game Festival: Gloria Victis Siege releases its first demo

Remember back in March when Gloria Victis' Black Eye Games announced it was working with studio Fish Tank to release Gloria Victis:...

Gloria Victis adds a new world event, kicks off its new Glory season, and improves AI and party system

It's been a hot minute since Gloria Victis last graced our news page, so for anyone who hasn't been keeping regular tabs on...

Gloria Victis announces a standalone management game where players must survive a siege

While most of us here recognize Gloria Victis as a sandbox MMORPG, developer Fish Tank Studio is working with Black Eye Games as...
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Betawatch: Phantasy Star Online 2’s open beta arrived

The world feels really strange right now, and Phantasy Star Online 2 is in open beta in North America right now. Are...

Gloria Victis introduces horses and mounted combat in its latest patch

Horsies! Pretty horsies that you can ride into battle! Your little pony fantasies can now come true in Gloria Victis as the latest...

Interview: Saga of Lucimia on themepark design, SWG inspiration, and the MMO genre

Last week, we ran an interview with Stormhaven Studios' Tim Anderson, the boss behind upcoming MMORPG Saga of Lucimia. That interview was focused...

The MOP Up: Warhammer Odyssey’s Slayer warms up for action

Who will you be when you adventure in Warhammer Odyssey's mobile world? The stocky and surly Dwarf Slayer would like to make a...

Gloria Victis brings freebuilding to guild castles in the latest update

Nothing instills a sense of pride quite like having your own place in the world of an MMO, whether it's an individual housing plot...

Steam’s brief Halloween sale grants deals on Elite, Black Desert, and more MMOs

It might not be the absolute biggest sale of the year, but Steam's Halloween bash has quite a few surprisingly good deals for...

Gloria Victis previews mounted combat, freebuilding, and guild improvements

Gloria Victis developer Black Eye Games popped on the MMORPG subreddit this morning with some interesting news about the game's development, specifically...

Gloria Victis recaps siege weaponry, PvP ranking, events, and guild heraldry

Gloria Victis has been pumping out new content like mad the last few months. As we noted in our check-in last week,...

Gloria Victis expands warfare with new siege engines as combat sync improvements continue

It's been a while since we last checked in with medieval-fantasy sandbox Gloria Victis, and it seems like the folks at Black...
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Betawatch: Anthem has begun to sing

It'd be nice to say that nothing in beta can stay there, but that would be a lie. There are lots of games that stay...

Gloria Victis introduces movable catapults, streamlines crafting system

For Valentine's Day, the folks at Gloria Victis gave their players a rather unconventional present: movable catapults. Sure, they may not be able...

Gloria Victis updates open-world PvP to target differences in nation strength

The idea of having three-faction PvP in an MMO is that when one faction is dominating, the two remaining weaker factions can team up...
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Gloria Victis updates to be more festive amidst the clanging of steel

Amidst the devastation and frenzy of combat in the hardscrabble world of Gloria Victis, you can unlock the greatest reward by having a festive-looking...

Gloria Victis update expands crafting system, adds Halloween event content

The folks at Black Eye Games recently released the latest update for their medieval sandbox Gloria Victis, and according to the patch...

Gloria Victis tweaks open-world PvP for small guilds, allows leveling via PvP

Just the other day I was noting how few MMORPGs allow you to level your character through PvP - usually, PvP is still...
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Betawatch: New World is strutting its stuff (August 31, 2018)

Finally, we're getting some actual information about New World! Like the parrot, it appears to have not been dead but simply resting. And...