Working As Intended: The MMOs we lost in 2023


If preserving MMORPGs is your jam, 2023 was not a great year. The one nice thing I can say about it is that we didn’t lose too many massive MMOs, which isn’t always a given, but the list of sunsets is a long one, as you’re about to see as I’m rounding up all of them as is tradition here around the dawn of a new year.

Most notable on the list for MMORPG players is certainly the abrupt closure of Swords of Legends Online, the final implosion of The Repopulation, and the frustrating end for Gloria Victis after a decade of early access. We also saw the death of ArcheAge Unchained (though ArcheAge lives) and of course the complete collapse of all things World of Warcraft in China – with no respite in sight.

o7, old friends.

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