World of Warcraft is shutting down its integrated Twitter posting feature

Because, yeah, the birdsite is kind of an API trainwreck at the moment


One of the very first stories we covered when Old Massively became Overpowered was World of Warcraft’s Twitter integration implementation. It seems like yesterday, but that was actually eight years ago – so long ago we hadn’t even finalized our image sizes yet. The idea was that you could link your Twitter account to your WoW account and automagically tweet out your achievements and pics. It was actually pretty fun!

But now it’s done. So sayeth Blizzard on its official forums:

“Over the next two days, we will update World of Warcraft® to remove the integrated Twitter® posting feature. After this small update, the function to Tweet from in-game will no longer be available, and the settings which store your Twitter credentials will no longer appear. This will not require any action by players.”

Though Blizzard doesn’t say so, we are left to assume that this decision is a result of Twitter’s planned API changes, which have already driven apps to go permanently offline and games that use Twitter authentication to scramble to urge players to de-link. While a paid API option from Twitter is supposedly in the works, it looks as if Blizzard is just opting out of the whole debacle – and we can’t really blame ’em. RIP.

Source: Blizzard via Wowhead, The Verge. Cheers, Yrys.
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