WoW adds Twitter integration, racing minigame


Are you doing big things in World of Warcraft that the whole world urgently needs to know about? Maybe not. Do you want to let everyone know about it anyway? Of course! That’s why the new Twitter integration feature (with a preview video just past the break) will allow you to tweet about whatever’s going on for you in the game. The integration is account-wide and allows support to immediately tweet achievements, drops, and screenshots, but you can also just tweet out from the game whenever you feel like it.

But maybe you’re not the tweeting sort and would rather have more stuff to do in-game to theoretically tweet about. In that case, you’ll be happy to take a gander at the new racing minigame being rolled out to the Darkmoon Faire event. The race is currently on the test realm and involves special racing mounts along a course filled with hazards, speed boosts, and the like. You can trot along in style! And maybe tweet about winning afterward.

In other Blizzard news today, the studio announced that through its Argi minipet campaign, it’s raised almost two million buckaroos in support of the Red Cross’ ebola relief efforts.

[Source: Tweetin’ While WoWin’, Kotaku, Official Site]
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