This morning’s New World patch added leaderboards and nerfed Brimstone Sands chests


As promised and after only a brief delay, New World’s 1.8.2. update rolled out early this morning – and yes, this is the one with leaderboards and new cheevos, both PvP and PvE.

“This new feature will recognize players, Companies, and Factions across more than 50 categories,” Amazon says. “Whether you prefer PvP, PvE, or just want to show off your Fishing skills, there’s something for every type of competitive player” – and some loot, too.

Players should skim the patch notes as well for a few other fixes with experience, the Dynasty Shipyard expedition, faction kill missions, juniper berry drops, and solo chests in Brimstone Sands. People don’t like that last bit, incidentally, since it’s a nerf. But Amazon had a reason:

“Regarding the removal of chests from certain POIs in Brimstone, these were removed to in order to bring those solo chest runs gold-per-hour more in line with other routes and activities. Our goal is to keep an equitable balance across a variety of activities in New World, and make sure players don’t feel obligated to participate in a single slice of content or in-game activity. The aim is to rebalance more options for solo players across Aeternum.”

Apparently, we should stay tuned for more combat balancing too. “There’s quite a bit of combat balance incoming, as it’s more of an overhaul than just some number changes,” community rep Aenwyn writes. “We’re planning to get it into the PTR by the end of this month, pending any further adjustments.”

Source: Patch notes
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