Gloria Victis’ first day of full launch sees new servers, crafting quest overhauls, and connection problems

Here comes a rugby match.

Yes, it’s another one of those “water is wet” kind of news stories for MMORPG veterans, but since Gloria Victis made its full launch yesterday, we have a duty to check in on how things went, which ended up seeing the PvP sandbox experience some time-honored teething issues.

The game’s 1.0 release was accompanied by a patch, which added New Beginning servers for players to hop into and reworked crafting quests that can be accessed at three different noticeboards every eight hours apiece. The new patch further adjusted character development bonuses, added some quality-of-life adjustments, and fixed model and terrain bugs.

As alluded to in the opening paragraph, the game has run into some opening day problems. Many Steam user reviews and Reddit posts are reporting connection issues and other bugs, particularly as the game’s population saw an understandable surge yesterday. The devs at Black Eye have already applied a hotfix to address login issues, boss spawn problems, and data loading, with more hotfixing promised soon.

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