Kingshunt has shut down its servers for what the developers are claiming will be further development

Oh my sweet summer child.

We hope you got in your enjoyment with Kingshunt while it lasted because it’s over now. The game’s servers shut down on January 6th, after entering early access just a little over two months earlier on November 4th. That’s not much of a lifespan for any title, although the official notice claims that the shutdown is not permanent and is in fact a reality of the size of the team working on the game.

According to the shutdown notice, the team is simply too small to work on content updates and work on maintaining the live game, so the shutdown is meant to be temporary while the developers add more heroes and game modes to offer the game more depth. Whether or not this is what will ultimately happens remains to be seen; for now, all we can offer are condolences to the players who have lost a game they enjoyed and hopes for the future.

Source: Steam via MMO Fallout
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