The Cycle Frontier sunsets today as studio YAGER says goodbye to players, literally


Back in June, we learned the sad news that Tencent-backed YAGER would be sunsetting its PvEvP shooter The Cycle Frontier, owing in part to the game’s wild early success. As the studio explained, its insanely strong launch overwhelmed the company’s infrastructure, and it wasn’t able to scale up to handle bugs and cheaters fast enough to keep people from leaving – or to make the game financially viable.

The sunset day was selected – September 27th – and now that day has arrived. The team has made its farewells on social media and even released a video to players that shows some (all?) of the devs one by one thanking players for accompanying them on the development journey – something we rarely see in the MMO space (and something that hurts extra to watch).

YAGER isn’t going away, mind you; the studio urges fans to follow the company’s newsletter for its next project.

We should also note that YAGER told players in June that it tried to figure out a way to make the game available to players after the sunset but could not make private servers technically feasible.

RIP, The Cycle.

Source: Twitter
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