Fractured should be back in February as Gamigo shrinks to just a quarter of its 2020 portfolio


Last month, Gamigo suffered a round of layoffs, axed multiple MMOs (dispatching them to other publishers), and stealth-deleted Fractured from its website – Fractured, of course, being the Kickstarted sandbox MMO from Dynamight Studios that Gamigo had agreed to publish. After days of worrying silence, Dynamight finally told fans it planned to wipe the game, pull it from sale, and return it to closed testing owing to “troubles with [its] third-party backend platform […] responsible for managing game servers,” which it claimed had nothing to do with SpatialOS or Gamigo, though studio reps were vague over supposed “legal reasons.”

Now, Fractured’s Jacopo Gallelli says that the game is running on its own server run by Dynamight; it appears to be running separately from Gamigo, in spite of his past comments that the problem with the backend platform “tech wasn’t built for nor operated by Gamigo.”

“We’re not talking of a server in the company’s basement,” he tells players. “The server is provided by a major hosting company (OVH). What we mean is we are running everything ourselves, with no third-party in between.”

Gallelli also suggests the game will be back in the next few weeks: “We’re still far from having all the tools we need to easily launch, monitor and manage our game servers – there was still too much manual work involved in today’s launch, but at this point we are confident we won’t be offline for long after the 31st of January.”

Do note that this info is in Discord rather than on social media or the game’s website.

Incidentally, Gamigo has continued plucking games off its website through the holidays; apparently, it’s axed publishing GoodGame Empire and GoodGame Big Farm at some point between December 23rd and January 6th. Gamigo is now running only six MMOs: Trove, RIFT, Fantasy Town, Fiesta NA, Desert Operations, and Wargame 1942, down from 24 in 2020.

Source: Discord. With thanks as always to Clowd!
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