Fractured Online reclaims and migrates its website, promises to reopen testing soon


As readers likely remember, Gamigo and Fractured Online developer Dynamight Studios officially confirmed in April what many already suspected: that both companies have split up after Gamigo announced it would be publishing the MMO last year. That continuing corporate divorce has made its next step, as the official site now has regained its old domain once more.

The reveal was made in the game’s Discord, which points out that some functionality like login, registration, the store, and the forums are still disabled right now but should be returning “in a couple days” as data transfer work continues. More details are expected soon.

Also coming soon is the return of testing for the latest build of the MMORPG. A hard calendar date for this next test isn’t provided, nor is the scope of the test in terms of content and tester numbers, but if data migration works out as planned, testing should resume by the end of May.

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